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Monday, April 30, 2007

Opposing God's Will

I promised to keep a positive outlook. It doesn't seem to be working today.

I was looking for an article about melamine in the human food supply, but came across this totally unrelated article.

El Sobrante, Calif. - Parents who belong to the Bethel Baptist Church in El Sobrante are told in no uncertain terms: Spank your children or oppose God's will.

The church, which also runs the 200-student Bethel Christian Academy, discourages parents from using their hands and recommends using a "rod" or flexible stick to swat children until their will is broken. But an eight-panel church pamphlet with corporal punishment instructions does caution against using instruments such as hairbrushes, cords or 2-by-4s.
So now I not only worry about toxic substances that my child and dog may have ingested, but it has been confirmed that I oppose God's will. Not surprising. It seems I already "oppose" God's will when it comes to my stance on war, oppression of others, women's roles, and most political issues.

On a positive note, my doggie boy is loving his home cooked food and strong-willed Little Sprout is busy researching weather forecasting. The sun is shining and we are planning a healthy lunch outside on the deck.

As for me and God, we are getting along just fine...despite my "opposition".


Blogger Iris said...

There is great article in the latest Christian Century entitled "Christian Child Abuse" that talks about this very thing. Clearly, these folks have a different God than I do.

11:23 AM  

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