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Friday, September 08, 2006

What's it all about?

After so many words in my last post, it seems I no longer have anything to say.

Oh yeah, if only it were true that there was silence in my head. Silence with a single whisper perhaps.

The cacophony continues with voices from the past and present. I think my own voice is lost in there somewhere. And as I try to hone in on the voice of God, my focus waivers.

My mind continues to meander the way it has always done. This, then that and back again until I'm off on another tangent.

Why is it when people say, "It isn't about _______ (fill in the blank)." in the absence of an accusation that it was about ________ (fill in the blank), that I am suddenly suspicious of the agenda and motive. There have been so many of those conversations through the years with such a diversity of people in my life.

No, I never thought that it was about:

• power
• money
• gender
• sex
• racism
• pride and/or vanity
• your selfishness as you think I perceive it
• my faults as you perceive them
• them versus us
• who gets more
• worthiness

But since you brought it up, perhaps I should first consider that as a possibility before I reject it based upon your protests.

Perhaps I should write that down on a note card and carry it with me...not so much to read it off to others, but as a reminder to me.

It isn't about________

How do I fill in the blank?


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