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Monday, August 07, 2006

I Love You, Man!

Today is my hubby's 13th wedding anniversary. That means he's survived 13 years (actually more if you count courtship & wedding planning) of many ups and downs. Coincidentally, by virtue of having been in a starring role at the wedding, it is my wedding anniversary as well.

So in honor of these years, I've composed this tribute in list form for Usually Darling Hubby:

1. Husbands are handy to have around. I'm thankful when you are handy, when you are gracious when I take tools away to show you "how it's done" and when you finally read the instructions.

2. I am thankful that you always listen to me, except when I hear 'ummm hmmm'...and know I'll need to tell you 3 more times before you'll either hear or finally tell me you're not interested in knowing ALL about some bizarre thing I read about on the internet.

3. I love that you don't change the tv channel without asking, although we still need to reach a compromise on the volume control thing...maybe we'll tackle that one next year.

4. It's wonderful that you seldom remind me of my dad. I have on occasion reminded myself of your mom and I'm not always sure if that's a good thing, but usually it is.

5. You really know how to give great gifts. I remember the dinner you lovingly prepared on that long ago February 13th, because you knew I might suspect a marriage proposal if you did it on Valentine's Day. I remember the wok I wanted then hardly ever used, the watch I always lost, the chocolate I ate too much, the gift of your time to fix my computer when you had shown me several times already, and the daughter we both adore. There have been fun gifts, useful gifts and a few mischievous ones we won't discuss in public.

6. You've gotten more handsome since I first whispered to myself & God, "Oh God, I can't be so lucky." as I saw you enter the restaurant where we were to have our blind date. I was that lucky! But I know & I thank God, that it wasn't really luck at all that he sent you into my life.

7. I am so glad I married a good editor. Thank you for your willingness to read college papers, important emails, etc. and correct my grammar. Thank you for the times you bite your tongue when I say something and completely butcher the English language...I'll forgive for the few times you didn't bite your tongue when you should have.

8. Thank you for bringing me closer to God by sharing your new-found faith, enthusiasm and growth with me. I may have initially dragged you back into church but since then it has been a wonderful blessing to spiritually walk together as a family.

9. Thank you for accepting & loving all my faces...the loving, the angry, the silly, the controlling, the grieving and the often perplexed. Sometimes I feel like Mr. Potato Head. I know I'm irresistable but some parts are less so.

10 I'm sorry for all the times I've suggested things and proceeded to convince you they were right. Convinced? Maybe Nagged is the better word choice. But we're enjoying the house, the kid, the vegetables from the CSA, and a million other things I was right let's just not talk about the 4 or 5 that were misses on my part, okay?

11. Thank you for all the times you've suggested things and proceeded to convince me they were right. I remember agreeing about getting a dog, but you connected with the scruffy looking mix at the humane society. I was sure he was Cujo dog & would attack me in my sleep that first night at home. He cleaned up nicely. You were absolutely right and he's been the best doggie boy ever since. Of course there were a few other times you were right, but I've probably decided they were such good ideas that I claim them as my own. I promise not bring up (at least for today) the times that you totally missed the mark.

12. As I see the Bible verse card on our refrigerator each morning I think of you. Not just because you made it for a handout for a message at church. Or that I was so proud of you as you spoke that night. Or even that it reminds me I need to take a few things off the refrigerator as it is being swallowed up by Little Sprout artwork. The words from Philippians speak to me almost daily. "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles." Thank you for sharing in my joys which is easy and my troubles which is not so easy.

13. What else is there to say. I love you.

Happy Anniversary!


Blogger Cat said...

Happy Anniversary!
I just read your blog, and ... I like you!
Thanks for stopping by mine & I hope to see you again.
Smiles, Cat

9:10 PM  
Blogger Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh this made me cry in such a good way. I am glad that you have had him.

2:49 PM  

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