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Friday, August 18, 2006

Brilliantly British Friday Five

From the RevGalBlogPals:

In the spirit of My Word! and Says You!, Songbird and Kathryn offer up a Brilliantly British Friday Five.

Below you will find five phrases seen or heard by Songbird on her British holiday. Use your imagination to define them. Points will be granted for humor.

Adverse Camber
Butts Wynd
Plague Church
Free House
Mind the Gap

I've read the Friday Fives before with great delight but never ventured to try. So here goes (And I'll try to keep it G-rated but it sure is going to be difficult with those phrases)

Adverse Camber: body landmarks found most frequently on young women and most frequently sought out by young men. Aka: dangerous curves.

Butts Wynd: Hey, even my 5 year old knows this one...aromatic or not.

Plague Church: A quasi-religious institution & disease that slowly eats away at your money, your time, and your spirit. Highly contagious and can be deadly. Unlike leprosy, scars are not visible but may be just as long-lasting.

Free House: Well, I've seen this in newspaper ads. It is accompanied by "must move". This is shorthand for WANTED: some idiot to come and take away a house that sways in the breeze, has built in air conditioning, a few termites. The only one that gets anything free is the current owner who doesn't have to pay to have the building demolished.

Mind the gap: I don't have a proper definition but I know we used to say this to my uncle...alot! He was not a plumber. Oh, flashbacks & bad memories. Yikes!


Blogger Songbird said...

Very nice! Thanks for playing! Especially great take on "plague church."

6:08 AM  

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