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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Faith, Mammals and Dead Presidents


Yes, it was shouted, not by me but at me.

I've been finding many of my beliefs & ideas challenged lately. In the past I have felt an occasional twinge of pride regarding my "enlightened" view and that I have not been indoctrinated by various groups and organizations. That's worked great when the issue is something that I don't face in the mirror. In some instances, I was sure I knew what I believed but when faced with acting on those beliefs found the belief not so firmly entrenched in my system. Or those indoctrination voices suddenly pounced. I thought they weren't there, but yep they were hiding somewhere in my brain. I think they were just lurking behind the name of my fourth grade teacher and the spelling of Abe's last name that eliminated me from the spelling bee that year.

It's been a struggle finding out that what I thought the Bible says, isn't always what the Bible actually says. Finally I reached that conclusion and accepted it. Well, I'm still not sure I've reached acceptance. I hate to be wrong. But once I faced the possibility that I could be wrong, I've been reading the Bible with fresh eyes and a renewed hunger for truth. As I've opened my mind, I have felt led to various websites, books and radio broadcasts. And it hasn't been one sided "propaganda" but diverse interpretations from many reputable sources and some not necessarily so. Still I find myself going back to my Bible to check it out for myself while praying for discernment.

What's that got to do with mammals?

Little Sprout checked out a book from the library about mammals. We were reading about the attributes that identify one as a mammal. I asked if she was a mammal.

I didn't expect the indignant response I received. Reviewing the "facts" of the book with her only resulted in ended in her shouting at me. She refused to even discuss it any more and I'll respect that. We can get mighty cranky when our strong held beliefs are questioned.

Learning is hard work. Growing up is tough whether you are 5 or well over 40.

I am a mammal; Mrs. Nelson was my fourth grade teacher; I can spell Lincoln, L-I-N-C-O-L-N, Lincoln and I trust God will show me more of His Truth each day.


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