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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Potato chips are my Kryptonite, more than a few can put me into a high blood sugar stupor.

I tried resisting them. I have little self-discipline.

I tried only eating a small handful. Did I say I have little self-discipline

I tried only buying them once in awhile.

I tried. I failed miserably.

Finally I gave up trying and began to pray...that lead to being reminded almost everytime I reached for one that my body is a temple. Followed by the thought that if I believe that God is healing me more each day and will fully heal me, I must honor the temple.

That seemed to be working well and I felt at peace. I imagine it was much like that in the Garden of Eden just before the serpent came into the scene.

Today little sprout (my daughter) and I shopped for groceries. She asked if she could add potato chips to the cart. She was so polite. She was being so helpful. How could I say no. And I didn't. But I still didn't desire them.

I prepared lunch and added a few chips to her plate. No problem.

My sometimes darling hubby made a comment during lunch regarding the potato chips and how I always had difficulty resisting them. Was that really hubby or had the serpent appeared on the scene? Suddenly I was aware of the chips.

I put away all the lunch leftovers except...there was that open bag of chips.

"Just a few," I thought.

Two bites into the coveted prize and I realized that the chips tasted really stale. No, the flavor was beyond stale. Yuck!
I stopped.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you for the big things you do in my life and the little things too.


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