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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Quiet Morning in Wisconsin

I sit here this morning, yearning to hear the soulful cooing of the mourning dove. The sound used to evoke soothing feelings of comfort, now a few years after the enactment of dove hunting season it expresses my ever growing grief and dissatisfaction.

I never thought that on the day after the election, I'd be thinking about mourning doves. Even more so, I never thought this day would have me pondering the beauty of Arizona. I've never been there. But now I want to at least visit. I want to find out what makes Arizona different. And probably not so different.

While Wisconsinites were following the trend, Arizona voters were daring to ignore precedent and stand apart.

As half of a heterosexual couple, legally married in the eyes of Wisconsin voters and government, why do I care?

I don't know exactly. Or maybe I do and it is just difficult to explain in words.

Maybe it's because of families. Or about estrangement. I know some of it is because of compassion and love. And at the same time it's about opportunities for judgement and hatred. And while I realize this issue doesn't seem to harm me, the next one may...who will stand up for me?

Yesterday, Wisconsin also voted to reinstate the death penalty.

Statistically, I'm not likely to be or know someone who will be impacted by this. So why do I care? Again the answers that come are the same ones...


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