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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Conversation

I'm awake a 5 a.m. thinking about knock, knock jokes; Avon cosmetics; Reader's Digest and God. What's the common thread? It all comes together in a conversation. A conversation that began over 20 years ago. Here's the condensed version.

Big G: Knock, knock

Startled CO (chartreuseova): Who's there.

Big G: God calling. Here I have something I want you to do.

Startled CO: What? Are you kidding? Did you see what happened to that other woman who tried to do that? Did you see how she was treated?

Big G: Yeah, I was there.

Startled CO: Well, I'll think about it.

Big G: Knock, knock!

Nervous CO: Who's there?

Big G: God, calling again.

Nervous CO: Yeah, I've been meaning to discuss that last project you suggested.

Big G: You mean the assignment I gave you about 2 years ago and you said you'd think about it?

Nervous CO: That's the one. I did think about it. It sounded exciting but not a good idea for me at the time so I put it on hold...but I've got this other idea that I think you'll like...

Big G: Knock, knock!

Sad CO: I know it's you God. I haven't been talking to you much lately. Things just don't seem to be working out well right now.

Big G: Yeah, I know. It has to do with that other idea you had 5 years ago, doesn't it?

Sad CO: Maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all. Could you tell me what I should do?

Big G: Perhaps you should reconsider the original plan?

Sad CO: Sorry God, I didn't quite hear you. I'm a bit distracted, I think I've come up with another idea.

Big G: Well we will talk again later.

CO: Yeah, later.

Big G: Knock, knock.

Sick CO: Can't talk much right now God. I'm not feeling well.

Big G: When you decide you need to talk, you know how to reach me.

Sick CO: Maybe when I feel better.

Big G: Knock, knock.

Confused CO: Well, I guess you know that last idea wasn't any brighter than the previous one.

Big G: What made you think it would work?

Confused CO: It was the practical thing to do and I told you I was considering two different plans and asked you which I should choose. But I didn't hear from you.

Big G: You gave me your plan B and your plan C. What ever happened to My plan?

Confused CO: Well your plan seemed outdated, no longer doable, not to mention how inconvenient it would have been. I kinda assumed I'd been mistaken about that plan. You know you don't always speak clearly enough for me to hear.

Big G: And sometimes you're not listening!

Confused CO: About listening...did you get that prayer? Were you listening? Because when you didn't tell me which one of my plans was the one to follow, I went with the logical solution. And even though you didn't seem interested in my life at the time, I distinctly remember praying just before embarking that you'd let me know if that was the right choice. And you didn't tell me not to do it.

Big G: I didn't tell you to do it either. Maybe that's because we needed to discuss it more. What happened when you charged forward without me?

Confused CO: Well, right after I began, this happened. Then later, that happened. I kept pursuing my goal but it was like someone was putting up lots of roadblocks. It was such a struggle. Well you know the story. Crash and burn. Why didn't you let me know that was the wrong path?

Big G: I let you know. You weren't listening. If you are ready to listen, let's talk some more.

Confused CO: You certainly can't mean that again.

Big G: Yep!

Big G: Knock, knock!

Still confused CO: I know what this is about, I don't know where to begin even.

Big G: Well I'll let you think about it, again. Just don't get lost in thought and other plans.

Praying CO: Thanks God. And God, I'm sorry for disobeying you.

Big G: Knock, knock.

Praying CO: Yes, God I'm thinking about it, almost constantly. And I'm working on the listening thing too.

Praying CO: You know I still have a long list of excuses and lots of doubts.

Big G: We'll work on them together. We will move forward slowly, just follow My voice.

Praying CO: It is going to be so hard. Did you see what happened to that other woman who tried to do that? Did you see how she was treated?

Big G: Yes I saw. I was there with her. I am with her. And yes I will be there with you.


Blogger SingingOwl said...

(((((((((((C.O.))))))))) You ever want to email me, it is

9:42 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Wow, wow, wow.

Funny how that happens. Thanks for the food for my heart. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who is a slow learned of 'knock knock jokes'...


4:41 PM  
Blogger LutheranChik said...

It's funny...I got the knock-knock routine from God too. And at night.

3:07 PM  

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