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Monday, October 02, 2006

A "Blue" Letter Day on My Calendar

Got a letter today. A very important reminder.

It was addressed to "Mr and Mrs. (our shared surname)" and was from a high ranking official in a large group concerned with Christianity and politics...not always in that order.

I recognized the return logo and address. Little Sprout has subscribed to a magazine published by the group. We've gotten periodic correspondence from them about family related stuff. This too was focused on the family.

It outlines how it is "imperative that everyone that is eligible to vote in this election get out and vote..." Not just vote, but vote their way on one particular state constitutional amendment.

The letter ends, "The preservation of the family in Wisconsin depends on all of us."

I so agree with that last statement. It leaves me wanting to compose a letter in return.

Dear Tom,
Thanks for the reminder of the upcoming vote to amend the state constitution. Let Dr. Jim know I've put it on my calendar and will stand and be counted in support of preservation of the family.

Tell him I'm sorry I won't be voting as he would like and oh yeah...we won't be renewing Little Sprout's subscription.


P.S. I'm not really sorry!


Anonymous Amy said...

"This too was focused on the family."


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