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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Facing Our Giants

Last night, I saw the movie, Facing the Giants.

The movie is about a high school football coach and his team. Even though I'm not a big football fan, I wanted to see this movie. No, I felt like I NEEDED to see this movie.

But I didn't think it would happen. The film wasn't widely distributed, only one theater in WI is currently showing the film. But God knew I NEEDED to see this.

I got an e-mail. Well, actually everyone in our tiny church family got an e-mail.

"I'm going, anyone else want to carpool?"

I called. We went. Just the Lady with the Plan, her two kids and I.

And as I suspected, the movie had its cheesy moments, its corny jokes, and was basically the oft-repeated story of a down in the dumps team that comes together to win big under a coach who develops a strategy for success. It was less about a brilliant coaching plan and players who discover their talents and more about a coach and team who discover God's plan for football and life and young men who commit to giving their all not for their glory, but for God's.

Fairly early in the movie, a short parable is told. One I'm sure I've heard before...but suddenly new.

It is about two farmers who needed rain. One prayed. One prayed and went out and prepared his fields in anticipation of the rain.

That one tiny video clip was playing over in my mind as I awoke this morning. Only seconds within the larger movie, but it evoked powerful questions. For me, for our church.

Are we preparing the fields?

Are we open to hearing the Word of God?

Are we praying and ready to receive whatever God gives or do our prayers float away as idle chatter without true faith?

Is it about God or about winning the football game, attaining more prestige, having more fun, or collecting many trophies and treasures?

Are we ready to step out of the safe locker room, prepared to leave our ALL on the field? And then when "we win, we praise God," and when "we lose, we praise God."

I thought I was going to see a movie about football and winning by a miracle. Half way through the movie I realized it is really the story of David and Goliath. And that is the story of winning for God. And the story of winning by faith in God. And winning by the grace of God. It isn't a miracle, it just is.

And that realization leaves me with one final question.
Are we ready to pick up the smooth stones God has provided?


Blogger zorra said...

Intriguing. I just figured it was another football movie (i.e., not interested)but obviously there's a lot more to it than that. Now I'm interested.

11:27 PM  
Anonymous heartberry said...

I'm so glad you voiced your final question. God knows I need to hear it and ponder my own answer.

Merry Christmas!

8:44 PM  

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