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Monday, February 04, 2008

Don't Count Your Wins and Rings...

Until They're Won.

I wrote awhile back about seeing the movie Facing the Giants. At the time I joked that it was almost half way through the movie before I recognized the storyline of David & Goliath. And even the kicker's name was David. Duh! So yeah I'm slow sometimes.

And then other times I'm ahead of the game.

Before THE game started yesterday, I was thinking about that movie. The Giants. But here they were the underdogs.

Then the game started. Despite repeatedly referring to this as the World Series, I was actually enjoying the game. Usually Darling Hubby was rooting quietly for the Patriots.

Then they scored to take the lead at 14-10 with about 3 minutes (2:42?) left to play. There was what seemed to be a major celebration by the Patriots.

I turned to UDH who was sitting on the other side of the sleeping dog and said, "I don't think they should be doing that. They're acting like they've won the World Series. I know it isn't likely that the Giants will score again so quickly but there is time. I don't think they should be doing that. " (I really do repeat myself like that)

I don't know why I said it . I know there are touchdown celebrations. I know this was a big game. And I really was not invested in the outcome of the game. Still those words spilled out.

After he corrected me on my Super Bowl/World Series flub for the third time, we returned to watching the game and trying to explain to Little Sprout that the minutes on the game clock didn't really mean the game would be over in that many minutes...stopping the clock is a difficult concept to explain to one who has decided that time always moves forward.

Things were looking good for the silent fan and the Patriots. And the Patriots always win, at least in this season it seemed they do.

Then, as Eli Manning escaped the clutches of those who were defending that anticipated win with the fervor of true patriots, I couldn't believe my eyes. Then the catch, I guess you could call it a catch.

All I said was, "Divine Intervention."

Quiet fan said nothing.

And of course, David and the Giants went on to win the World Series...err, the Super Bowl.


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