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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Be Brave! Be Strong! Be Excellent!

That was the battle cry of my 5 year old each time just before she took off across the swimming pool with her kickboard. Again and again I listened to it this evening.

As she became more proficient the excitement seemed to grow...and then the song changed.

"Be Brave! Be Strong! Be Perfect!"

I wondered where she got that message. Do I expect perfection? From her? From myself? From others?

But then the same thing happened to her that happens to me when I think I'm really ready to move from striving for excellence to demanding perfection of myself. She didn't attain perfection, she didn't even achieve excellence...she ended up only half way to her destination.

When the expectation is such an absolute, it's so easy to give up when that first imperfection declares itself. Still God is always there to scoop us up when we sink. Perhaps too, he smiles as we set off again with renewed committment.

"Be Brave! Be Strong! Be Excellent!"